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SEO in the USA

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The power of two powers

Comprehensive SEM (Search Engine Marketing) advertising campaigns are becoming more and more popular, among others, due to relatively low implementation costs. Therefore, they can be used by both larger and smaller players on the market. The right selection of keywords has a decisive role in SEM campaigns.

However, unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advertising campaigns, SEM is not limited only to SEO in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. Existing websites and getting a better place in search engine results.

SEM is also a series of comprehensive activities in sponsored links campaigns – the so-called PPC (English Pay Per Click).

Thanks to SEM, it isn’t easy to find more comprehensive and effective online marketing activities, and you will gain the maximum advantage on the Internet.

The art of search engine positioning (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), i.e., the so-called page optimization, will allow you to take a favorable – in terms of order – place in the search results of the Google browser. This translates directly into a significant increase in the number of people to whom your company’s advertising offer reaches – and thus, a direct increase in sales.

Website optimization allows you to achieve equally spectacular benefits as TV advertising – and it is many times cheaper than it. You can also set the size of your advertising budget yourself and freely select the recipients of the campaign.

At each stage of creating a marketing strategy on the Internet, we provide our team of specialists who will choose the most optimal solutions for you and your company in terms of effectiveness and costs incurred.

SEO agency

SEO IT Holding has been on the market since 2008. The company’s main profile was SEO in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston from the very beginning. ( SEO ). The IT Holding company had its branch in the United States (Florida). Our specialists gained valuable experience, which works well on the International user Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA market. As an SEO agency, we have developed solutions, successfully implement our campaigns, and achieve high results. We constantly develop and analyze current trends; each movement is adapted to the client’s business profile, niche, competition, and target group.

Why is it worth using our SEO services?

Our knowledge is based on many years of experience and tests and a solid theoretical basis. From the beginning of the company’s existence, we have managed to effectively respond to the constant changes in the Google search engine algorithms. We have developed our standards, which we successively implement on our clients’ websites. We are constantly evolving, introducing all technical innovations, which websites are better optimized for search engines. Our SEO Agency is not only standard solutions but also dedicated concepts tailored to your industry. We verify many factors and propose the best SEO strategy for your website. We care about high results and react practically to any changes in the results.

The advantage of silent advertising

Buzz marketing, i.e., Whisper marketing, is a form of Internet advertising that is gaining more and more popularity – largely because it gives the impression that it is no advertising at all.

The very name of the service indicates that we will whisper about our offer rather than “shout” – which for many Internet users, in a world filled with advertising to the brim, is a value in itself.

And just as in the case of SEM campaigns, our main battlefield is the results of search engines; in the case of word-of-mouth marketing, the field of our activities will primarily be various blogs and discussion forums – i.e., places where Internet users look for proven and practical information. Also about individual products or companies.

Thanks to IT Holding, you will gain favor from various Internet environments.

Conversation of the 21st century

Social Media (Social Media in English) are online platforms that allow fully interactive communication between users. They appeared in the late ’90s, while the biggest discovery in this field was Facebook, which debuted in 2004. A year later, next to the blue giant, YouTube grew, and then – Twitter.

Today it is impossible to imagine the Internet without social media. Almost 3 billion people worldwide use them daily, 21 million in International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert alone.

It is one of the largest and most attractive advertising markets around the globe – which we are well aware of as IT specialists.


Facebook is still the most popular social networking site in the world. Currently, the number of its users is over 2 billion people globally, which is more than half of all Internet users globally. In International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert, over 20 million internet users use Facebook every day.

In terms of advertising, the website has an extremely developed platform, enabling precise matching of its recipients in terms of, inter alia, age, gender, and interests.

Every year Facebook develops and modernizes its source code, enabling its users to exchange data more and more comprehensively, including, first of all, welcome multimedia.


Twitter is a free social networking site that provides a microblogging service. Users publish the so-called tweets, i.e., short text messages. These messages are displayed to other users who are following the person’s profile.

The website also enables discussions by commenting on other users’ messages.

About 4.5 million Poles use Twitter, most of whom read messages other than their own.


YouTube is a well-known website that allows you to upload and watch videos for free.

In International SEO Company / SEM & marketing expert, it is used by over 20 million people worldwide – over a billion. Youtube.com is the most popular website on the Internet after Google.com.

The website is a real leader among users of mobile devices. Almost half of the content displayed in it is generated using mobile phones. As a result, the advertisements on the website reach specific people directly – creating a beautiful marketing space for our team.

USA positioning

Choose United States-oriented website positioning and enter this extremely absorptive market with your products or services!

In the United States, the situation in the e-commerce market is just perfect in terms of the potential for online retailers. More stationary stores are closing in favor of online ones, and the industry is recording double-digit increases.

Mail-order sales to the United States via an online store are an up-and-coming venture for many International user Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London or USA companies. America is a kind of giant when it comes to e-commerce.

If we divide the entire value of online sales in the world in 2016, it turns out that the following customers have the most: China 47%United States 21%Other countries combined reached 32%

Conquer America – order USA Positioning

We have already written about the advantages of website SEO in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston. Many times in our articles, but the most important advantages are worth mentioning once again. Suppose you wonder whether it is worth using US SEO in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston. To enter this market, our answer is – YES! Because:

  • The new market brings new customers willing to spend hundreds of dollars on online shopping that they really enjoy.
  • As you know, more customers mean more transactions and therefore more sales. See for yourself how quickly you can feel the difference in your wallet.
  • Entering a new market also means new opportunities for success. Perhaps it will turn out that US customers are more likely to buy than your compatriots?
Search engine optimization of the USA

USA positioning

Search engine optimization is indispensable nowadays if you want to be visible on the Internet. Building an impressive website is not enough.

To attract customers who search for services and articles that you offer via the Internet. So, if you want to appear on the web and earn the big money, start SEO in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston. Your website right now to enter the US market.

We can obtain huge financial benefits by preparing a refined offer to direct to the US market. Yes, it is not an easy task, and many entrepreneurs are afraid of such activities, but it is certainly a very forward-looking and profitable undertaking.

We specialize in the field of broadly understood Internet marketing. We create effective and modern websites and online stores. We run AdWords and social media campaigns, take care of website SEO in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston. And SEO, we are responsible for the marketing success of small, medium, and large companies and institutions.

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Search engine optimization in the USA

Agency for Performance Marketing in the USA. Search engine optimization in the USA

Agency for Performance Marketing in the USA.

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